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Comenius Project 

We are delighted to announce that Bellahouston Academy have been successful in gaining funding for the Comenius Project. We have established partnerships with schools in Germany and Italy and we aim to consider the following in each of the countries:
  • The way in which schools cover physical exercise in the curriculum (and how exercise features in the daily lives of young people).
  • How diet impacts on performance at school.
  • The correlation between physical and emotional wellbeing and achievement/attainment.
  • Peer support.
These are just some of the areas the project will look at. We aim to involve parents as much as possible and to have our pupils communicating regularly with young people from other countries.
The next stage of the process will involve setting up a pupil committee and communicating with our partner schools in Germany and Italy. In addition there will be exchange visits for a small group of pupils accompanied by 2 members of staff. We are sure you will agree that this is an exciting opportunity for the school and will give pupils the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and languages. Look out for further information on the Comenius Project in the weeks and months ahead.
Mrs Watt and Mrs Patterson