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We meet every 2/3 months to discuss issues relating to the school in general, fundraising ideas and areas of concern.

If you'd be interested in joining us or have any issues or concerns you want to us to raise on your behalf please contact Briony or Harris at


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In Attendance



Ian Anderson- Headteacher, Bellahouston Academy

Jenny Cairns DHT, Bellahouston Academy

Richard McCarthy DHT, Bellahouston Academy

Nicky Neef

Khadija Mohammed

Moya Murphy

Harris Yousaf-Treasurer

Lina Akil

Stuart Mailler

Briony Willis-Secretary

Morag Campbell

Kate Drummond

Arvin Babakhanlou

Apologies were received from Shona Angus and Helen Fordyce

Minutes of last meeting



The minutes of the last meeting were approved by the group



Show MY Homework Presentation



Richard McCarthy (DHT) delivered a presentation on the new app Show My Homework that the school have purchased and are keen to introduce next school year.



Head Teachers Report



Mr Anderson presented a draft copy of the School Improvement Plan. There was some discussion about the format of the plan and how useful it was for parents. It was agreed that examples should be included in the plan. Jenny to edit the document and post back to the Parent Council for circulation and comment.

Mr Anderson reported that the maths provision situation had improved and the school was back to having enough maths teachers.

He will try to push for at least two parents evenings next year to be held later in the evening to suit parents better.

Mr Anderson reported that the house system is proving successful so far and that the school hopes to introduce more house based activities next year. He also mentioned that the captaincy interviews are taking place and going well.






Mr Anderson had still not received money for trophies for the prizegiving ceremony. It was agreed to donate £280 to the school for trophies.



Election of new officers



The new officers of the Bellahouston Parent Council were elected as follows:

Chair- Nicky Neef

Secretary - Job share between Briony Willis and Kate Drummond

Treasurer- Stuart Mailler



Any Other Business



Arvin asked staff if there could be more notice and preparation when the school gets involved in competitions and challenges. If more notice is given then parents can support their children in revising and preparing. There then followed a discussion about the amount and types of events that Bellahouston pupils DO get involved in and the fact that we often don’t hear about the “good stuff” that is going on within the school. Briony asked if the website could be used more and made to look better and if twitter could be used more proactively. There was general agreement that the school need to “blow its own trumpet “more!

Jenny said that she would coordinate getting info from the parent council for the S1 transition day.



Date of next meeting



Monday 17th September at 7pm


Archive Minutes:

Bella PC Minute January 18th 2017

Bella PC Minute March 15th 2018