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We meet every 2/3 months to discuss issues relating to the school in general, fundraising ideas and areas of concern.

If you'd be interested in joining us or have any issues or concerns you want to us to raise on your behalf please contact Briony or Harris at


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Wednesday 15th March 2017

In Attendance

Ian Anderson- Headteacher, Bellahouston Academy

Terri McWaters - Faculty Head of Health and Wellbeing

Parent Representatives - Khadija Mohammed, Moya Murphy, Nicky Neef, Shona Angus, Helen Fordyce, Januka T. Mayar, Jagal Bahaduythada, Shan Mohammad, Kamran Akhtar, Farhad Badeghiveco, Abdullah Bahamdien, Sondos Laoas, Muqaddas Faisal, Kishwar Yasin.

Apologies were received from Briony Willis-Secretary and Kay Sillars

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the last meeting were approved

Resignation of Chairperson

HT reported that Kay Sillars, Chair of the PTA, has indicated that she will resign from her position.

Presentation of Outdoor Facilities

Terri McWaters, Faculty Head of Health and Wellbeing facilitated a presentation by Sport and Health Council pupils from the school to raise funds for much needed facilities – both outdoor and indoors.

There have been discussions with local authorities around the upgrade of red pitch to a 4G type pitch. The PTA were informed that the games hall can often be too small for some cohorts. Hockey cannot be played because of dangerous ,uneven ground.  Bellahouston is one of the few schools left with a red ash pitch.  Lack of space means that the school only has one football team for the senior pupils. Parent council has been urged to consider this and proposal and lobby on behalf of the school. A pitch will allow three classes to run simultaneously.


Community links in the evening could be a possibility - The Pitch Strategy – PTA to lobby.


Terri McWaters will send the PowerPoint presentation to the PTA.  It was agreed that, at least, money should be secured for a new pitch.  Glasgow City Council has identified funds to be spent on 5 schools in Glasgow to replace red pitches – It is not known whether Bellahouston is one of these schools.  PTA will send letter to request more information and state our case. Action points:


1 Writing to Andy Murray and local politicians.


2 As a council we will write to Glasgow city council with regards to 3% council tax rise - which 5 schools have been selected - can they confirm if Bellahouston will get funds?


3 Get in touch with local councillors to ask where their commitment lies.


4 HT would provide main stakeholders to contact


5 PTA to encourage individual parents to send letters and a formal PTA letter should be sent.


6 There was a suggestion to provide a template for parents to write individual letters.


PTA would like to thank Terri and the pupils for their passion and commitment to pursue this issue – the pupils delivered a great presentation!





HT reported that the school has now managed to recruit a Home Economics teacher: Lindsay Nichol


Duke of Edinburgh

Confirmation of dates for completion of the course:

Practice expeditions 22/23 April 2017

Final expeditions 20/21 May 201  - There is a refresher course at Pollok Park on Monday 20th March – there are 5 candidates to complete this course.






Harris has confirmed that only one cheque was given to the HT.


BME Parent Workshop - Khadija asked the parents in attendance if they felt the need for a workshop for BME parents. The workshop will focus on accessing the curriculum and other aspects of parental engagement.  There are some parents who are new to the country and so this suggestion was welcomed by some of the parents in attendance. Khadija to liaise with SAMEE (Scottish Association of Minority Ethnic Educators and Rabia Babar to arrange a suitable date.


Terri McWaters reported that the School Website has been updated and ready to access.  She has also offered the PTA an opportunity to contribute to the School Newsletter – this was appreciated by all.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parent Council will be on Wednesday 19th April 2017 at 7pm. Please email Briony Willis any agenda items at


Archive Minutes:

Bella PC Minute January 18th 2017