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Merit Scheme



What is the Merit Scheme?

It is our way of rewarding students who work hard, do their best and take part in the life of our school.


How do we take part? 

It’s easy! Just keep on track by sticking to our merit standards:


B ehaviour

E ffort

E xcellence


Your teacher will award you a merit on the computer system if they feel that you’re doing really well in one of our standards.


What do I do with my merit points?

At the end of each term, we will produce a merit list. It will give the names of all of our pupils who are on track.  There will be reward for everyone on the merit list such as certificates, gift vouchers, visits to the cinema, visits to theme parks and much more.


Staying on the merit list

All pupils start the month on the merit list. To remain on the list at the end of the month, you must have:

More merits than demerits (or an equal number of both)

And Attendance for that month greater than 90%

And Latecoming for that month less than 8%.


Mystery Merit Period

As a way of earning merit points, the Head Teacher or DHT will announce a “Mystery Merit Period” via the tannoy or the Bella Bulletin.  During this period, those pupils who are working hard, behaving well and are on track will be awarded a merit by their class teacher.


Merit tick sheets in Tutor class (S1 and S2 only)

In order for pupils to work towards earning merits, your student tutor has the responsibility of filling in a tick sheet for the class during tutor time. 5 ticks in a row result in the awarding of a merit. 

Ticks are given for those who are in tutor class on time, in uniform and with the appropriate equipment. 


Any questions? 

If there is anything you do not understand, ask your tutor teacher, class teacher, Pastoral Care teacher or Depute Head for more information.