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      Dear Parent/Carer



The position in relation to Study Leave for the 2017 SQA Diet will be as follows -

Pupils sitting –

  • 3 or more Higher exams (S5/6)                                               FULL STUDY LEAVE
  • 3 or more N5 exams  (S4/5/6)                                                 FULL STUDY LEAVE
  • 3 or more combination Adv.Higher/Higher/N5 (S5/6)                 FULL STUDY LEAVE                          
  • No external exams - in school, following alternative timetable
  • 1 or 2 external examsday before exam as Study Leave and day of exam, in school at all other times, following alternative timetable

Note - every pupil will receive a personalised time-table with full details of the various classes and activities which will be running for those pupils who are not entitled to full Study Leave. I would stress that this time-table will involve pupils in meaningful activities related to their current or future course-options.

The alternative timetable arrangements will also include opportunities for pupils on Study Leave to come into school for extended revision as offered by Departments.  Pupils who come in for a time-tabled revision session will sign in at the Office and report directly to the relevant revision class. If pupils arrive outwith these times by arrangement or are merely looking to speak with a member of staff, they should report to the Office in order to explain the purpose of their visit so that the availability of staff might be assessed.

The period of Study Leave will be from Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 2nd June.
(Last day of school for those with full Study Leave – Friday 28th April).


Ian Anderson