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Masterclasses 2019 timetable


A programme of Masterclasses will be offered from Monday 4 February 2019.  These classes will mostly run end on to the school day.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 3.15-4.15 pm

Tuesday/Thursday – 4.05-5.05 pm


Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
N5 Physics N5 Spanish H Biology N5/Adv H Biology N5 Biology
H Physics H French N5/H Biology* NQ Badminston H Maths
H Biology NQ Basketball N5 Physics N5/H Des & Man N5/H RMPS 
NQ Netball N5/H Des & Man ESOL N5/H Graphics N5 (S4) Maths
N5 PE Portfolio N5/H Graphics H Chemistry Homework S4-6  
N5 Urdu H History N5 Chemistry N4/5/H RMPS  
N5 French H PE (Writing) H Spanish    
Adv H/H/N5 Music Adv H Chemistry* NQ Table Tennis    
H/N5 Drama   N5 (S5) Maths    
English folios   H Bus M'ment    
N5/H Geography   N5 Admin and IT    
N5 History   N5/H Accounting    
N5/H Mod Studies   H English    
N5 ESOL   N5 English    
N5 (S4) Bus Man        
N5 (S5/6) Bus M'ment        
S4-6 Comp Games Dev        
S5-6 Digital Media        
H Admin and IT        
Drama - exam prep - Saturday 8 March 2019    
NQ Hospitality - Thursday 7 March only - 4.00-5.00 pm    
* please note these two Wednesday classes are morning classes - 7.50-8.50 am