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International Education Policy

International Education Policy for Bellahouston Academy                  BC 


Rationale for International Education


Bellahouston Academy is a school with a wide range of cultures and heritage.  We are committed to equality, diversity and integrating with our community which is rich with international connections.


Global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality. It is important, therefore, that this is reflected in the ethos of our school community.




  • To celebrate the rich and diverse heritage represented in our school and community
  • To understand the complex international interdependencies in the global economy
  • To respect and value different cultures and beliefs
  • To enjoy regular contact with students and adults living in different countries
  • To integrate our Rights Respecting School agenda
  • To extend our Eco agenda
  • To extend the scope and impact of our Health and Wellbeing activities




  • To work towards achieving the International School Award
  • To conduct an audit of both our formal and informal curriculum and to map International Education within the curriculum.
  • To increase the opportunities for our pupils to travel internationally
  • To increase links with international partners and integrate International Education further into our curriculum.
  • To encourage the development of the study of languages



This will include activities such as:


  • email and internet projects including video conferencing
  • interacting with visitors from other countries [students & adults]
  • student/staff visits to places of cultural interest in the UK and abroad
  • student-exchange placements
  • teacher-exchanges


Bellahouston Academy is committed to maintaining and developing the international links which are already established within the school and the Glasgow School of Sport. We will continue to take ever opportunity to interact with our partners and develop new links to enhance our curriculum and increase the life experiences which form a large part of the positive ethos in Bellahouston Academy.