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Bellahouston Academy

30 Gower Terrace

Glasgow, G41 5QE

Tel. 0141 582 0030

Head Teacher:  Mr I Anderson





Study Skills Evening S4-6


Dear Parent / Guardian,


At Bellahouston Academy we like to work closely with both pupils and their parents/carers to ensure all pupils reach their full potential.  We are holding a Study Skills Workshop on Monday 12th March at 7pm, the aim of which is to develop a study programme and to give you tips and ideas about how best to support and help young people as they prepare for their exams.


Good study skills can be learned which means they can be practiced and improved upon in order for pupils to learn more effectively, decrease stress levels and enhance performance in assessments.


In order to best support pupils through this important process we would like to invite you and our pupils to attend the Study Skills Workshop on Monday 12th March at 7pm.   Please complete the tear off slip at the bottom and return it to Miss Notman in pastoral care by Monday 5th March.


 We hope you can make it along to this evening and look forward to seeing you.


Yours sincerely,




Miss A Notman

Principal Teacher Raising Attainment



I / we will be able to attend the Study Skills Workshop on Monday 12th March at 7pm.


Please reserve                  places for me.


Pupils name                                                                       Tutor class                         


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