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Senior Prelim Timetable

Please click here to access the prelim timetable for January 2015.

Interested in Studying in America?


I am delighted to inform you that one of the Consulate’s favorite exchange programs, the Sutton Trust U.S. Program, in association with the U.S.-UK Fulbright Commission, is open for applications for summer 2015 (!



 and apply! The deadline for applications is Tuesday, January 27, 2015. We encourage students to look at the submission requirements early to ensure they are able to complete the application in time.







 S4 Prelims and Study Leave

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to inform you of the forthcoming S4 Assessment Schedule.  S4 pupils have now been issued with their timetables and should make sure that they arrive at least 10 minutes before their Assessment is due to start.

The Assessment Schedule will begin on Monday December 8 and end on Wednesday December 17.

During this time pupils will be on exam leave and should only attend school when they have a subject assessment.

All S4 pupils should return to school on Thursday December 18.

Good luck to all.


The timetable for the prelims is available here.

Yours sincerely


Ian Anderson

Head Teacher

Supported Study Classes September to December 05


Barclays Life Skills Workshops come to

Bellahouston Academy




Senior pupils at Bellahouston Academy stepped aside from their timetabled lessons on Wednesday 8th October, to experience a taste of ‘life after school.’


The workshops focussed on

1. People Skills that empowered pupils to reflect upon challenges they may have faced in life and think positively about the future.

 2. Money Skills that encouraged pupils to question their attitudes towards money, including lessons on budgeting


 3. Work Skills that built upon pupils’ interview skills and gave them tools for effective communication.

  The workshops engaged the pupils with interactive activities and the speakers were inspirational and motivating. 


Pupils’ comments:

 ‘I feel more secure about my future’

‘Not enough sentences to describe all I learnt today’


‘important skills about money and interviews’

‘that many people around the world are not as privileged as me with regards to education’


Thanks to all the Barclays volunteers and ‘Free the Children’s’ speaker Bilaal Harry Khan who was particularly successful in motivating and inspiring our pupils.



Scottish Youth Parliament


Any pupils who are interested in

becoming a member of the Scottish

Youth Parliament should visit


and fill out the application form.

Good Luck!



Nuffield Research Placement


Any S5 pupils who are interested in science, technologies, engineering or maths have the opportunity to take part in a research placement which takes place for 4-6 weeks during Summer 2015.


Speak to Mrs Rashid or see the link below for more details



Education Services Privacy



As the local authority our schools and early years establishments process information about children and young people in order to help administer education and care. In doing so we must comply with the Data Protection Act (1998).

This means (amongst other things) that the data held about children and young people must only be used for specific purposes allowed by law. The following information explains the types of data held, why that data is held, and to whom it may be passed on.

Types and use of data

Data held by schools and educational establishments includes contact details, curriculum assessment results, attendance information, characteristics such as ethnic group, additional support needs and any relevant medical information.

Our data includes information about individuals for whom it provides services, and the details of services provided. This data helps us:

  • support learning and teaching
  • monitor and report on progress
  • provide appropriate pastoral care
  • assess how well the school/establishment and Council are doing as a whole
  • monitor progress and develop good practice in the services received
  • carry out specific functions (such as social care)
  • to evaluate and develop education policy and strategies

In addition, we may use this information for other legitimate purposes and may share this information where necessary with other bodies responsible for administering services to children and young people or where otherwise required by law.

Data rights and access

As a data subject (or the parent of a data subject), you have certain rights under the Data Protection Act, including a general right to be given access to personal data held by any data controller.

The presumption is that by the age of 12 a child has sufficient maturity to understand their rights and to make an access request themselves if they wish. If you are a parent of a child younger than 12, you would normally be expected to make a request on their behalf.

The Council may use this information for other legitimate purposes and may share this information where necessary with other bodies responsible for administering services to children and young people or where otherwise required by law. The Council also has a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end it may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud.





We have recently created a careers section on our website, on it you will find lots of information about available opportunities.

The Careers page is available here.




Bellahouston Academy enjoys very good working relationship with our pupils’ parents and carers. Parent involvement is very much valued and respected by our teaching staff as it is clearly of huge benefit to pupil learning.

We realise that all parents and carers want the same: to help, protect, and get a good education for their children. However, sometimes parents and carers may face difficulties accessing school support or in attending parents’ meetings or in to making appointments with their child’s Pastoral Care Teacher. We also understand that there may be a whole range of barriers to better communication and contact with the school, some of these works – related.

I am writing to you to give you some information on a pilot programme to reduce some of these barriers, and to make time to welcome our pupils’ families into Bellahouston Academy.

From December 2013, parents and carers of all our pupils will be invited to take part in a “drop in “ scheme whereby mothers, fathers and carers can meet with a Principal Teacher of Pastoral Care to discuss any matters relating to their child and the school. No appointment will be necessary.

We would welcome the opportunity just to meet you and chat with you about your child and your child’s progress in school.

The “drop in” scheme will operate every week at the following times:










Principal Teacher Pastoral Care




Miss Kerr          





3pm – 4pm


School office




Mrs Rashid       





3pm – 4pm


School office




Mrs Reid         





3pm – 4pm


School office




Miss Logan       





3pm – 4pm


School office




Mrs Anderson 





3pm – 4pm


School office


Homework Policy

Click here to read our new homework policy.

 Information for Parents/Carers of S4

Click here to read important

information from Glasgow City

Council about the progression into

the new highers.






Click Here to Access the 2015 Exam Timetable



We look forward to record application numbers from Scotland for 2015. If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me or the consulate’s Program Manager, Robbie McGregor, at


I am delighted to say several Scottish alumni from the 2013 program are now studying at top-tier universities across the U.S.! This summer, 14 students from Scotland took part in the program, and we are looking forward to following their future successes as well. I have been incredibly impressed with the caliber of participants, and we are very lucky to have them as ambassadors for U.S.-Scottish relations. This Guardian story is a great personal look at the incredible young Brits who have participated in the Sutton Trust U.S. Program, including Tommy Inglis from Fife:


Each participant I have met has described this program as life-changing, and I would be most grateful if you could assist us in promoting this opportunity to students you think would benefit from the program, as well as to your contacts in the education sector.


The Sutton Trust is looking for students who have earned seven or more credit passes at Standard Grade level. If you know a student who fits the criteria for this program, please encourage them to visit the Sutton Trust’s website at


For those of you not aware of the program, it provides high-achieving, state school students a taste of life at a top-tier American university. Focusing on social mobility, the Sutton Trust U.S. Program is aimed at students from low or middle income families who would be the first generation in their family to go to university. The initiative is centered on a one-week summer school at a leading American university with introductory events and application support in the UK before and after. Host campuses last year were MIT, Harvard, and Yale.

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